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November 9, 2018

June 7, 2018

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November 9, 2018

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Order My Steps

January 1, 2012

The Steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,

and He delights in his way.

Psalm 37:23



New Year resolutions - ugh! Countless commitments are made every year, some successful, while others fail. Why is that? I suppose the reasons are as limitless as the resolutions made. For any chance of one of my resolutions being successful, I must be committed to its process.


Nevertheless, once committed, be it a New Year, a new month or a new day - then it’s full steam ahead!  I will accomplish what I’ve set out to do. Oh, well, maybe I don’t accomplish ALL of them. No, unfortunately, some are only marginally realized while others are total f.a.i.l.u.r.e.!


While I am not particularly fond of failure, no, not in the least, it’s in the midst of failure I tend to perceive what is worth committing to and what is not. What I desire or don’t desire for my life. Above all, I grasp a clearer picture of God’s desire for my life. It is then a change does come. The unsuccessful resolution turns inside out. Now it’s not the failure I see, but a path set for success to which I can truly commit.


As the glorious and beautiful sun rose this first day of January, I turned on the radio and heard for the first time this song recorded back in 1994. Its words are my prayer as I make preparations for the new year. Lord, with firm assurance, I commit all my resolutions and all my plans to you knowing ALL will be well if you will Order My Steps In Your Word.




Order my steps in your Word, dear Lord,

Lead me, guide me everyday,

Send your anointing, Father I pray;

Order my steps in your Word,

Please, order my steps in your Word.


Humbly, I ask Thee to teach me your will,

While you are working, help me be still,

Satan is busy, but my God is real;

Order my steps in your Word,

Please, order my steps in your Word.


Bridle my tongue let my words edify,

Let the words of my mouth be acceptable in Thy sight,

Take charge of my thoughts both day and night;

Please order my steps in your Word,

Please order my steps in your Word.


I want to walk worthy, my calling to fulfill.

Please order my steps Lord, and I’ll do your blessed will.

The world is ever changing,

But you are still the same.

Order my steps in your Word,

Please, order my steps in your Word.



words by Glenn Burleigh

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