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November 9, 2018

June 7, 2018

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November 9, 2018

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Throw Out A Lifeline

July 11, 2014





I am forgotten

like a dead man:

I am like a broken vessel.

Psalms 31:12









Waiting at a red light one November evening, I put my face on the steering wheel and began to weep. Psalmist David’s cry became my cry. “Lord, does anybody know I’m alive? Is there anyone who will take the time to give some guidance or at least give me a crumb of encouragement?  (As a child once said, “I need Jesus with some skin on.”) As I waited, I recalled the name of a woman pastor whom I met once several months before and who had shared some of her insights with being a woman in the ministry and decided to call her. Her first words, though not earth shattering or memorable to anyone else, were a lifeline to a drowning heart. “Laura, I’ve been thinking about you! And if the Lord saw fit to place you on my heart, that means God is thinking of you too.” All the hope I needed for that moment rescued me from sinking in despair. Just to know I was NOT alone. I was on God’s mind.


The call to ministry is that special one of a kind - no one else can understand - love for people that God places in the heart. Like the fire shut up in Ezekiel’s bones, it makes no difference to what country, people or group you are called to, The Calling - your calling is the compelling fire that moves you and motivates you with a yearning not easily extinguished or deterred.


While every calling to ministry has it’s own set of challenges and rewards; even seasoned ministers will tell you that they have had a moment or two of feeling forgotten. For some, it has led to physical, mental and even spiritual brokenness. They too have cried out in anguish like David, “I am forgotten like a dead man:  I am like a broken vessel.” Or, out of sight, out of mind as an old saying goes.


How alone David must have felt when he penned those words. How could it be? David, the Ruler, and King of Israel forgotten? The man who is chosen by God to rule over Israel, the king of untold wealth, lands and family, feels alone and afraid? No way! But it’s true. David was so frightened that he feared for his life. Psalms 31:13


There are times we all are in need of a lifeline of encouragement and a word from the throne room of grace. Remember those who co-labor with you in the body of Christ. Encourage them with a phone call, card, email or whatever God places in your heart to do.


We all work in the same field for the same cause. While I may not know your name or what region of the field God has called you to, I thought of you when writing this article. And this one thing I know without a shadow of a doubt, as the pastor said to me, if the Lord saw fit to place you on my heart, you are on his mind too. You are not forgotten. You are not alone. YOU - are on God’s mind. Be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart, all you who hope in the Lord. Psalms 31:24



Have faith in God.

He has faith in you - or He would never have asked it of you.


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